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Is Ministry Easier than Theology?

Absolutely not, says Sarah Coakley.

portrait of Sarah Coakley

Credit: Harvard University

Coakley is a celebrated academic theologian. She is also a committed churchwoman, ordained as a priest in the Church of England.

Recently she sat down with Duke’s Faith & Leadership blog for an interview later titled, provocatively, “Ministry Is Not Easier than Theology.” In it she confronts the worrisome gulf — hardwired, she argues, in how modern seminaries are structured — between pastoral (or practical) theology on the one hand and other theological disciplines, like systematics and biblical studies, on the other.

It highlights a larger conversation that is ongoing in the evangelical world about what a seminary education should look like in the first place.

I invite you to peruse the interview and then tell us what you think. In your experience, is Coakley right? Is pastoral theology devalued in seminary?

And if you want to read more of Coakley, note that we have more than a few of her works in our collection at Rolfing, and even more in our I-Share network.


Happy National Library Week!

It’s National Library Week, a week that the American Library Association sets aside every year to celebrate libraries across the country. In honor of the event, check out Flavorwire’s “25 Most Beautiful College Libraries in the World” post. Which library is your favorite? What college libraries have you visited that you would add to the list?

Here’s my addition:

Sterling Memorial Library at Yale University. Flickr photo by Jeff Maurone.

Sterling Memorial Library at Yale University. Flickr photo by Jeff Maurone.

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Introducing… OverDrive’s Next Generation Digital Library

300x250-A-EBy far one of the coolest resources Rolfing offers the Trinity community is OverDrive. Maybe you’ve accessed it before, or maybe this is the first time you’ve heard about it. OverDrive is an online platform that lets you borrow e-books and audiobooks from the library, and then download them to the kinds of devices you and I use on a daily basis: computer, tablet, e-reader, smartphone, iPod, etc. And now OverDrive has been redesigned to make using this digital library even easier.

Here’s how it works. Say you want to listen to an audiobook on your commute. Just hop on over to our OverDrive page, scroll through all that Rolfing offers (biographies, devotional lit, novels, theology, oh my!), find the audiobook you fancy, click the big blue “Borrow” button, and voilà. You can then listen to it on your iPad or your laptop or your smartphone, or a combination of these, both online and offline. And when the borrowing period is over, the audiobook is automatically returned to the virtual library so another patron can listen to it — which means overdue fees aren’t even possible with OverDrive (good news for people like me).

You know you’re intrigued. Go check it out now. It’s open 24/7.

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Book Display: April

This month, Rolfing is highlighting three topics you may find interesting.
Check out our new displays for the month of April!

Trinity is celebrating Asian Heritage Festival Week during the week of April 15-19! Check out our resources on Asian culture, religion, history, and ministry. Here are some of our favorites:

More than Serving Tea Out of Silence Honoring the Generations Growing Healthy Asian American Churches

In connection with a modular class held in April by the Bioethics department, we have assembled a display on the subjects of bioethics, human dignity, and the church. Here are some resources that may be helpful in navigating  these controversial issues:

Christianity & bioethics : confronting clinical issues Medical ethics and the faith factor : a handbook for clergy and health-care professionals Human dignity in bioethics and law Taking sides. Clashing views on bioethical issues

Our third display this month focuses on the topic of crisis counseling, in relation to a modular class held in April. Here are just some of the books available on our display:

Fundamentals of Crisis Counseling Cultural Competence in Trauma Therapy Crisis Counseling in the Congregation The First 48 Hours

We would love to hear your feedback on these resources!

Did you participate in either of these classes? Which resources did you find helpful in your studies?

Asian Heritage Festival Week is fast approaching! How will you participate? What do you hope to learn?