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Summer Movie Marathons

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For students, the summer is a golden opportunity to loosen up and cast off (some of) the cares of the academic year. What better way to do that than to hold a movie marathon!

The great news is that the library has in its DVD collection all three mainstays of movie-marathoners. Yes, my friends, the great Triumvirate of Trilogies can be found on our shelves: Indiana Jones (sorry, no Kingdom of the Crystal Skull), Star Wars (the original three — of course!), and The Lord of the Rings (yes, even the extended editions!).

Each is epic. Each is exciting. Each is perfect for a summertime couch-bound decompression session. So put down the summer Hebrew homework, gather some friends together, pop some popcorn, and spend a day at your nearest home theater munching, gabbing, and enjoying the show.

Plus, unlike your local multiplex, tickets to these movies are free. Or as Yoda would say, “Free of cost they are.”




Author: Gregory Campeau

servant of a precise God // MDiv student at TEDS // member of CrossWay Community Church in Bristol, WI // Amherst alum

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