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Jesus Will Be Here by 2050…

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Jesus' Return pie chart

…or at least 48% of American believers think so, according to a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center.

A solid but small remnant of 14% admitted that they have no idea whether Jesus will be coming back in the near future. (Which seems like the appropriate response, doesn’t it?)

But popular eschatology aside, such polls can do more than amuse us (though they’re good at that). They can also do more than confirm our worst nightmares about the state of American Christianity (though they’re good at that too).

Groups like Pew can provide pastors with on-the-ground data with which to be better missiologists. Maybe this particular pie chart is not helpful, but the Internet is replete with other kinds of helpful information about the people, cultures, and communities God has positioned you and me to serve.

And luckily for us, much of this information is entirely free to access and use.

Here are a few links to get you started exploring:


Author: Gregory Campeau

servant of a precise God // MDiv student at TEDS // member of CrossWay Community Church in Bristol, WI // Amherst alum

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