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Constitution Day

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Constitutional Convention

“Washington as Statesman at the Constitutional Convention” by Junius Brutus Stearns (1856)

Did you know that September 17th is Constitution Day here in America? Constitution Day, which was recognized by law in 2004, commemorates the day in 1787 when thirty-nine men — our Founding Fathers — signed a document that created the federal government of the United States of America.

The Constitution was a product of the Constitutional Convention, a grueling and contentious four-month-long meeting in Philadelphia. Here, the Founding Fathers, including George Washington, James Madison, and Benjamin Franklin, debated how to create the three branches of the new United States government. The final product, the Constitution, eventually replaced the Articles of Confederation, a weaker document that had been ratified in 1781.


The Constitution

TIU is hosting a few events in recognition of that historic day. Here at the library, we’ve curated a selection of books and movies that relate to the Constitution and the Founding Fathers. Simply stop by the display case in the front of the library to view what’s on offer. We’ve also built an online research guide that highlights some electronic resources about the Constitution. Additionally, Dr. Steve Fratt will host a gaming experience in Waybright at 6:30pm on September 17th. Join Dr. Fratt in Founding Fathers: A History Game and experience firsthand the political challenges that our Founding Fathers faced as they developed the Constitution.

The Constitution — the document itself — lives at the National Archives, which also house the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. You can explore these national treasures online. You can also read correspondence and documents that relate to the Founding Fathers at the National Archives’s Founders Online.

Happy Constitution Day to you!


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