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Global Christian Week

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Chinese Christians PrayingIt is Global Christian Week here at TIU! Our keynote speaker is the Consulting Director for OMF’s Chinese Ministries, James Hudson Taylor IV. He will be speaking on this week’s theme, “Rooted.”

James Hudson Taylor IV is the great-grandson of James Hudson Taylor, an influential missionary to China. The elder Hudson Taylor lived and worked in China for fifty-one years in the mid-eighteen hundreds and early nineteen hundreds. His work in China has left a lasting legacy of faith. Hudson Taylor is especially remembered for his integration into Chinese culture and his unique approach to missions, not in the colonial way of the past, but by chosing to live, dress, teach, and speak in the ways of the people he was witnessing to.

This week, representatives from Christian missionary organizations are available in the Waybright Center. Feel free to stop by, ask questions, gain inspiration, and gather information about the work Christians are doing around the world.

Check out some of Rolfing’s online resources about missions!

Encountering Theology of MissionSpiritual Warfare and Missions


Author: Sara Pogue

TIU Alumni, Minnesota transplant, currently pursuing Master of Social Work at Loyola University Chicago

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