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Book Displays: November e-Books

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For the month of November, Rolfing Library is highlighting resources on St. Augustine, Media, and Food Justice. A number of books and media items have been selected out and put on display on the red shelves in the front of the lobby. But there are also a number of electronic resources that we’d like to share with you. Here are a few e-books which I found to be interesting and there are a good deal more available.

Food Justice

9781442214460_p0_v1_s260x420   Buyinf into Fair Trade   9781107617896   FairTrade-Linton


online edu    future minds    google and search    media frontier

St. Augustine

augustine incarnation word    augustine nature   augustine stricken     theology of augustine


Author: Justin Hanberry

Husband | Dual-masters student at Trinity International University | Michigander-Chicagoan | OT & ANE are my fancy | Fantasy and Sci-Fi Nerd

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